Applications for the Votruba-Blokhintsev grants are made via this interface. Criteria for awarding VB-grants are the following:

  • scientific merit of the project as the main criterion,
  • participation of young scientists,
  • whether the project is a part of a broader collaboration.

Application deadline for the year 2020 is February 10, 2020.

If you have a project that you believe is eligible for support from Votruba-Blokhintsev program, please submit your details below.
The application will be considered at the next meeting of Votruba-Blokhintsev Evaluation Committee and you will be notified about the result of evaluation process.

Your name:
Your home institute:
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In the following fields, please feel free to use standard LaTeX symbols such as $\alpha$ (do not use any nonstandard ones).
Title of project:
Scientific description of the project:
Purpose at which the money will be spent (collaboration, visit, scientific workshop, etc.):
One Czech and one BLTP JINR scientist has to be indicated who share a common responsibility for the grant management.
Responsible scientist from Czech republic:
Responsible scientist from BLTP JINR:
List of all participants of the project (including above two), each participant on separate line:
Requested financial amount:
The part of the money which should be spent outside Russia:
Report on the results achieved within the VB-grant in the previous year:
A list of publications of the responsible persons for the last five-year period is required; publication lists of other participants may be added:
Before submitting please check carefully all above fields.

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