Scientific cooperation

Scientists of the Bogoliubov Laboratory of Theoretical Physics (BLTP) over the years have accumulated unique experience of research in several fundamental areas of theoretical physics: quantum field theory and elementary particle physics, nuclear theory, theory of condensed matter and methods of mathematical physics.
The studies conducted at BLTP are interdisciplinary; they are directly integrated into international projects with the participation of scientists from major world research centres
and are closely coordinated withJINR experimental programs.

Cooperation between BLTP and Czech Research centres is carried out within the Votruba-Blokhintsev program. Within this program the specific research projects and joint scientific conferences are supported by the grants of the Plenipotentiary Representative of the Czech Republic.
These grants are parts of the Czech Republic contribution to the JINR budget. Within the program about 8 joint projects and 2-3 International conferences on Modern Mathematical Physics and Spin Physics with key participants and organizers from the Czech Republic were supported annually. The system of grants of Plenipotentiary Representatives of JINR Member 16 States was established in order to concentrate the efforts and financial resources on the most important topics of research.
The Votruba-Blokhintsev Program plays the key role in organization of scientific cooperation between BLTP and Czech physicists.

Within the program about 8 joint projects were suppported annually. During recent years cooperation between the scientists from Czech research centres and BLTP was carried out within the four JINR themes of the first priority:

    • Theme 01-3-1135-2019/2023 Theory of Fields and Particles

Theme 01-3-1114-2036-2019/2023 Theory of Nuclear Systems

  • Theme 01-3-1137-2019/2023 Theory of Complex Systems and Advanced Materials
  • Theme 01-3-1138-2019/2023 Modern Mathematical Physics: Gravity,Supersymmetry and String


Theoretical support of current and future experiments at JINR, CERN, GSI, DESY and other physics centers was in the focus of investigations.

3-4 international conferences on modern mathematical physics, spin physics, nuclear theory with key participants and organizers from Czech Republic were supported annually. Young scientists from Czech Republic participated in the Schools organized within the educational and research project “Dubna International School of Theoretical Physics (DIAS-TH)”.

66 partial grants were supported by Votruba-Blokhintsev program in 2009–2018. Support encompassed mainly travel and accommodation support for the participants of the joint projects.

Budget of Votruba-Blokhintsev program consisted of 20 000 USD per year, since 2017 this amount was increased to 35 000 USD per year.

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